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 Dona Drop promotes the work of women in music  sharing live sets, projects, releases, interviews and, events information supporting equality for women so that more beats and productions may be heard in what is still a male-dominated industry.

 We are dedicated to the advancement of those who identify as women in music production, including DJs, VJs and radio producers. We believe we can make a difference towards change in the music industry's lack of equality bringing visibility to women's work.

 Dona - "in Portuguese-speaking countries: a lady or gentlewoman".

 Drop - "a moment in a dance track when tension is released and the beat kicks in, a sudden change of rhythm or bassline".






About Me

 Brazilian-born and Amsterdam-based, Denise Lopes, is a former musician who has produced and performed under the stage name Lophostrix

 Founder of Dona Drop, she believes that music is one of the most powerful gateways. Overcoming barriers of music genres with a visionary spirit, she has a vast research and background in events and cultural productions.

In 2019 she teamed up with the traveling festival Garage Sounds for a first ever sideshow outside Brazil holding an edition in Amsterdam with 13 bands from the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil.

Feeding her huge passion for synthesizers and live performance, she continues to produce experimental electronic music  as Lophostrix and perform open format Dj sets.

Denise Lopes holds a BA in Music from the Academy of Popular Culture and is currently part of the local Today at Apple team as a Creative. She is also drummer in the Dutch post-punk band longsy.











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