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Updated: Mar 15

Sydney-bred Dj and producer Anna Lunoe arrived at the Dutch capital last weekend for the 2018 edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event. First time in the city and ready to perform alongside Barong Family's Moksi & friends during the annual electronic music conglomerate. 

Emerged from the Australian club scene, Lunoe is also singer, and curator of Beats 1 radio show HYPERHOUSE. She probably has another hidden talent that you don’t even know about. She started her journey as a host at the Sydney-based radio show FBi station and began her career supporting music acts such as Diplo and M.I.A. What a begin, right? Soon she became the first female to head Ministry of Sound AU’s Clubbers Guide compilation series. The three of which she worked on went gold. Fantastic!  

With a very characteristic mix of pop and electronic sound, Anna’s excellent track selections and charismatic presence behind the decks has contributed to her consolidation as an artist in today's world.

She lives in Los Angeles, place where she quickly established herself as a notable producer within the scene through her debut “Real Talk” collaboration with Touch Sensitive, which maintained a No. 1 spot on Beatport’s Indie Dance chart for four months straight. After one of her mixes caught the ear of Dj and radio presenter Zane Lowe she got invited to be part of Apple Music’s 24/7 music radio station Beats 1, radio station that broadcasts live over 100 countries from Los Angeles, London, and New York City. "He heard my stuff, and needed someone to take care of dance.” says Anna.

HYPERHOUSE champions the new era of electronic music and what’s best between mainstream and underground music promoting exclusive content for subscribers. The show has turned into a live tour format in which she collaborates with the top international artists.

Lunoe seems to has found on her path that sweet spot between club domination and radio land. A place where she can continuously make music combining all the fun she can have and go for what she believes. Waiting for the next steps of this global tastemaker.

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