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Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Internet-radio Stranded FM is an unconventional online radio broadcasting from the city center from Utrecht pushing new talents and generating artistic surprises between the waves of the wide music spectrum. Their shows are streamed live and are available on demand on the website and Mixcloud page. Meet Anniek Volders, the radio presenter of one of their shows Studio Nons. Hi Anniek. I was listening to Sahalé from your radio show, I never heard of them. I won’t google them, can you tell me who they are?

Actually, it’s pretty funny, because I also do not know Sahalé that well. If I like a sound or song I heard somewhere, I just download it and that happened also with Sahalé - Magharibi. But he is a Parisian producer and musician that I found on with a clicking and listening session on Youtube.

Let’s talk about radio. Why Stranded FM?

I lived for four years in Utrecht, the city where Stranded FM is based. I know some people who volunteer and have shows over there, so I came by sometimes. The atmosphere at Stranded is relaxed, cozy and very friendly. A good friend of mine was talking to me about the radio and he said I could e-mail the owners of Stranded and ask if they have some space for a new show. I was like O my Goddi, yes this is amazing. Now I can let everyone listen to my poetry, the music that I like an, of course, some nonsense for the fun.

Did you have any other radio show? Do you already do this for some time?

Studio Nonsens at Stranded FM is my first and only radio show since April 2017. It’s every four weeks and each show has his own theme. Well except for the first one, haha it was a bit everything and the feedback they gave me was: maybe you should work with themes. Well, I did and still do, love it.

You can look at things in life from a different perspective because you’re thinking about the theme for this month. It helps you to let your mind think about strange subjects or compositions you normally do not often think about.

Why nonsense?

Studio Nonsens was before the radio an open poetry night in Studio/K in Amsterdam. That’s where it all started. I really like the word nonsense in every way. The meaning, the looks and also that the word sounds a bit "shoessy". It is hard to explain, but just say the word out loud and you will hear it. Very nice.  

What’s the preparation of your program looks like? what do you like to talk about?

Every month I live in a theme. It is something I can recommend to anyone because it makes your month special and easy at the same time. Love it. Take for example shocking and every heavy events or incident are suddenly not that big anymore. Or you see insane shocking things what you normally wouldn’t see.

I prep my show always in a fresh google drive document. So I can work on the show wherever I am. In the train, at the toilet, in bed or in a bar. The best moments of inspiration are not predictable. The things I like to talk about are very diverse and depends on my theme and my mood.  

How do you see the development of technology? Does it affect your work?

Not really, only the fact that we go live on Facebook is quite different. The first shows of Studio Nonsens didn’t have the live stream, so people could only listen. Nowadays it’s normal to have a radio show with a camera, so the listeners can see you. There are some things to say about that because originally radio is only listening. I think that for my show it is complementary to have visuals because you can see my expressions and movements when I tell a story. But in the end, the sound is, of course, the most important thing, otherwise, it would be more TVish.  

Vinyl, mp3, stream?


Do you think Nonsense could ever be a podcast? Or is it a radio show all the way?

Oh yes. Studio Nonsens is possible in different formats. It started of course as a radio show but I hear from my listeners that they like it when I talk, so luckily it is a combination of music and stories. I think a Nonsense podcast would be amazing.

Can you say something to you in the future? like 2058.

I will always continue to make Nonsense, in any form it fits.

Listening La Isla Bonita on your program. Did you know this song has an incredible similarity with Lady Gaga’s Alejandro? Where’s Madonna now?

I think Madonna is taking a nap, good choice.

Tell about your music taste. I loved to hear Sergio Mendes and Brazilian music playing, I liked the variation from your selections.

Yes, my music taste is not very specific. I like for example old jazz, disco, electro, crazy unspecific animal sounds, and slowly dreamy ambient.

Behind the deck with a microphone? Just microphone? I'm kind of interest in your equipment and radio station.

O yeah, it is just a DJ-set up and a microphone. Nothing really fancy or special. Just preparation and do not be shy to let them hear your voice.

Can you tell us about other females personalities and programs I can listen to?

I do not listen to man or female personalities, I listen to music. Most of the time I do not know the gender of the maker or owner. Only when the vocal is very clear from a female, yes of course then you know it directly. I listen a lot on Youtube, Soundcloud and download with Soulseek and most of the times listen blindly to it. It sounds stupid, but I am just looking for nice sounds for the radio. When I am interested, then sometimes I look it up for some background information.  

Do you think there is enough gender equality in the radio world?

Hmm, it’s hard to say because I do not know the whole radio world, but yes you do see more man. And see sounds strange for radio, but that’s because of all the live streams haha. There are some really good women on the radio and it’s growing I think. But slowly, very slowly. Be patient. They are coming.

What’s the good part about radio?

The fact that it’s life and reality. It’s just a moment, pieww!

Is there a bad part?

Not that I ever noticed.  

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