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Charlotte de Witte ► Live @ La Rotonde Stalingrad

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Back in 2015 when the gorgeous track “You’re Mine” by Oscar and the Wolf was released by SPINNIN’ Deep, I knew I was finding out Belgium’s finest pop music that was about o dominate the European charts. What I didn’t no was the fact that Oscar and the Wolf ’s featured artist associated to the name Raving George was actually a young lady called Charlotte de Witte. Yes, I was indeed very surprised and not by the fact she was a girl but rather astonished by the amount of hard edge minimal tracks that took me three years to eventually find released under her real name.

Established as a woman behind the decks and officially moving away from the pseudonym of her male alter ego “Raving George”, she recognizes better times where women are finally more accepted and included in a more diverse industry.

Charlotte has been forging an impressive path with her monolithic brooding Techno sound and has definitely enjoyed a quick rise from Gent’s club scene to the biggest festivals around the world. The list of appearances is huge and includes Awakenings, Rock Wechter, Pukkelpop, Tomorrowland amongst many more.

Her latest efforts, the EPs Wisdom and The Healer, deliver the right level of darkness adopting a more aggressive approach expressively present on her live sets. Absolutely topnotch.

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