• Denise Lopes

DJ ANNA ► Live @ CRSSD Fest

Anna's irreversible love for music has grown way beyond the underground decks. This lady has been playing music since she was 14 and has already reached out at clubs like Ultra in Miami, Uberhaus in Lebanon, and several other festivals worldwide. She also won a prize for Best Breakthrough Artist at the Ibiza DJ Awards. Her adventorous hybrid tech-house sound has been released by labels such as Tronic, Witty Tunes and Great Stuff & Toolroom Records. ANNA produces her tracks combining a variety of sounds mostly on Ableton Live, expanding to a combination of synthesizers such as Access Virus, Roland JX-3P, and plug-ins from UAD and Soundtoys. Just to name a few from her huge list of equipments placed in her home studio. Or should we call it “playground?". Check out her appearance at CRSSD Fest 2018. Pure joy!

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