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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Meet DJane and music producer DJ Scardua, a music lover made in Brazil, ex-football player and natural explorer of the dance floors. Scardua is the proper mix of House music and Brazilian Bass. 

Andressa Scardua started to play the acoustic guitar at a very young age, at that time still far from the DJ booth and closer to rock music. Soon she started feeding her passion for what later became a musical career. Devoted to music, she remembers playing one of her first set’s using a Discman. Slowly progressing, she continued playing in many many parties in her hometown Rio de Janeiro and what primarily began as a dream of a talented 80’s kid soon became her real business.
 She participated at several radio shows, popular parties at the local LGBT scene, rooftop and private parties and got to perform for renowned brands like Reebok, Carolina Herrera and United Colors of Benetton.

Once she decided to take a leap of faith and sell her prior business in Brazil, a hostel in Rio, Scardua decided to pursue her journey in the e-music scene outside her home country. 

 She lived in Italy and ended up moving to the "Mecca of Electronic Dance Music Ibiza to embrace a residency at "We Are Sankeys” and Lost in Ibiza party. 

A place of free-spirited nature where visitors from around the world can experience the best DJs, and a place where DJs get the chance to play at the most influential clubs ever to exist. For her, to be part of this nightlife was just right. After a season playing and absorbing Ibiza’s best grooves and experiences she now opens up to the unknown, like a natural explorer that will certainly continue to develop other projects until what’s next on her path.

Scardua takes the lead in "Feel the Bass” compilation project, a selection of tracks where she mixes the best international house music with the new “bass line” of Brazilian bass produced by the new and talented Brazilian DJs / producers. She is associated to the Spanish label Concept 101 and part of the team behind Women DJs BR, an initiative created to publicize the work developed by DJs / women producers of Brazil aiming to make their productions more accessible and support feminine names of the national scene that still fight for their space.

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