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Mulheres na Line - (BRA)

Updated: Mar 15

Mulheres na Line (as “women in the line-up”) is a young collective created by the dancer, photographer, and Dj, Ana Mundim. Aiming for a stronger connection where local Djs and cultural producers can have the opportunity to join conversations to feel inspired by each others’ activities, music, and initiatives. As the title claims, the initiative is also meant to call more attention for women joining music lineups of parties and festivals throughout the years. First ever round table of Mulheres na Line took place in Fortaleza, one of Brazil's capitals located in the northeast coast. Mostly known for its fabulous beaches, delicious food, and regional music like other capitals located in the same region. What few don’t know is that Fortaleza is also a place of a vibrant nightlife in constant mutation. There are a few spots in town there are home for these activities such as Dragão do Mar and the recent open Centro Cultural Belchior. The second one in memory of Belchior, a popular local Brazilian singer who passed away two years ago. The center holds events, concerts, exhibitions, panels, and open programs for local artist to freely engage with each other expanding connections.

The first edition of Mulheres na Line brought 12 young DJs and producers together initially opening up for new projects associated to local spots such as Café Couture, and the CCBEL itself. There is a strong possibility that many parties will appear increasing the opportunity for young Dj girls to take a proper look at the current scenery and join Fortaleza’s nightlife, overcoming barriers of gender, genres and time.

First meeting counted with the presence of Tech House Dj Bia Portela, Marina Kumara from Radio Utropica, Dj Ruth Lovi, Denise Lopes from, vinyl collector Betty Silverio, Nina Santiago, Nai Barroso, Juliana Tavares, Dj Priscilla Delgado, Dj Mari Calop, Dj Ana Mundim and Dj Maria Indignada.

For more info about Mulheres na Line follow on Instagram @Mulheresnaline. Soon personal storie and events on our HERS page and djsets on the Track / SET session.

ANA MUNDIM - Dancer, photographer, cultural producer and dj. Open format sets most varied musical styles. From pop music, brazilian, remixed brazilian, house pop, deep house to souful, afro house.

BIA PORTELA - A former lawyer with a profound love for music. Bia Portela developed an intimate relationship with music since birth having a specific connection with keys. Inspired by big names in the electronic scene, such as Nora en Pure, Bia Portela navigates between Techno, Deep House, Progressive and Disco primarily focusing on an authentic electronic music set.

DENISE LOPES - Brazilian-born and Amsterdam-based, Denise Lopes, is a former musician who has produced and performed under the stage name Lophostrix. Feeding her huge passion for synthesizers and live performance, she continues to produce experimental electronic music floating into UK Garage, Electro Punk and Techno, and perform open format Dj sets.

MARINA KUMARA - Dj, filmmaker, cultural producer and creator of Radio Utropica. Marina's insights with her beloved radio guide her in curated cultural productions, podcasts, parties, workshops and installations.

CASTILHO DELGADO - Duo Djs Latin Music, Soul, Caribbean nad Brazilian

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