• Denise Lopes

LYZZA ► - Live @ Boiler Room

You may already have heard about LYZZA, specially if you are familiar with the "amsterdammer" underground club scene and the X3 (Triple X) party style. If not, please meet this18 years old mana do Brasil DJ/Producer/Singer hipesteria euro-hardstyle do baile funk. Got it? Me neither, but it makes me move and you can't really trust your DJ if she doesn't dance or make you move, right? Well, you can totally trust LYZZA. She definitely found her way to connect with the crowd and it's all about "looking around, having an eye contact with somebody who's dancing there and yes! Feel the music".

LYZZA's first endeavor, the EP POWERPLAY, was out in November 2017 by Symbols Records.10 months later, here we are. She has already been part of 2018's best line-ups out there and considered Pitch Fork's favorite musical discovery at Primavera Sound. With bags ready to move to London, Shygirl is ready to conquer the world. Take the L and catch her soon during Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 at Paradiso and De School.

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