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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Rocky G has found her own path behind the decks as an international Dj hailing from the Portuguese underground gay scene to the top dance floors around the world. She is a proud mom of six children and has proven that everything is possible. Her new mode on Techno music is a fact and now she gives us a glimpse of her future.

First time I heard a Rocky G set was on Youtube. Very hard, big sounding set. Back in 2014 playing a much different sound than 2018. Where are you now sound wise ? It’s gonna be 10 years since I started as a Dj and a lot has changed. Not only the music is different but I changed a lot as well. I used to play EDM and more radio oriented music, but now I’m living and going into something else. I feel that coming from Techno music. Something was not working at a certain time so I decided to start all over. You know when something is not clinking? I went to many Techno parties and played many things, but my Techno sets started to have a much better response from my public and all of a sudden all that emptiness and feeling of uncertainty was gone. I had the idea that I was finally doing something right with fully enjoyment. Even my last EDM track was called “Turn me off”, I was simply done with that time. Rebirth in my first Techno release and it’s exactly the new version of me out there.

And what I love about this new phase is that when I discuss this with people that surround me in this scene, we don't talk about the Top 100 Dj mag. We talk about Music! What’s in the music and on the Dj booth that attracts you and made you end up behind the decks? What’s in the music and on the Dj booth that attracts you and made you end up behind the decks?

I was a TV presenter and was often invited to host parties. I did that for a while but honestly, I was not a fish in the aquarium. I’m a stage animal and soon I realized I could learn the Dj art. I really enjoy playing my tracks and being in control of the crowd. I think that’s what the Dj art is about, knowing your crowd and feeding them with what they need. Also being able to connect and be the master of that audience enjoying the music on the dance floor and take the best out of that.

Rocky G
Rocky G

You live in Amsterdam and stay playing all kinds of gigs all over the world. You already played at Pride in Lisbon more than once, right? How was that? Did you play Pride in Amsterdam as well?

Yes! I loved to play during Pride Lisbon, I remember my knees checking hard before I performed for 30.000 people during the event. Here in Amsterdam I played in the Vivienne Westwood boot in the canal Pride... I love the gay scene in all shapes and formats. I love underdogs, I think I’m an underdog myself as well. I love the ones that are punched in the face a few times in life and stand up for what they believe, and the gay scene is about that. Standing up for your freedom. The happiness that you have when you go to a gay club you don’t find everywhere.

I imagine you as Dj if it’s like me when I clock in and out on my full-time job. When I’m finished I’m kind of done. Do you hang out or is the Dance Floor only work? How's it with your family?

No, I don’t hang out usually. I have my kids and I enjoy spending this extra time I have with them. Lately I'm preferring clubs that close earlier so I can start my day already at 6:00. I rather work 12 hours a day and do what I love the most which is being around my family and my work than spending that time on a club when I'm not working. I'm grateful to share this and have the best of the two worlds. I really love my job and what I do.

How do you prepare your sets?

I mix on the fly. It depends on what the other Dj is playing before me. I even take into consideration what is the process for the crowd to buy drinks, all that means the time that I lose from my set and crowd. My husband gets angry at me sometimes, he usually asks: “So what you gonna play tonight?” and I say “I have no idea.” I like to annoy him with that. Sometimes for security, I have 2 tracks I like to start my set but it really depends on the last track the other DJ is playing and what the place is like.

Do you have a dream collaboration?   I don't think so. I like the new projects I’m working on and it's great to do not know what is yet to come. I believe in good karma in a way, I just do what I do believing it can always turn into something well.

Recently I met one a big 14 years old talent called Dj Creeps . He is also a DJ at a very young age, and it's amazing to get that fresh new perspective from a young Dj, have a glimpse of the future. He really inspires me, it was after meeting him that I ended up with my recent partnership with Denon. I like to see what's out there not knowing what is yet to come and partnerships and collaboration will happen.

It’s almost ADE time! And you are hosting one party at Club Escape and doing a Boiler Room set, correct ? Where and when?

Yes, we are hosting a Boiler Room session at the Braez store in Amsterdam during ADE. It’s going to be on Thursday 18th. And Friday I play at Club Escape at the TechnoV Rave The world party. I’m really looking forward to those days. We are also setting up a sort of camp in our house, inviting loads of Dj friends to make live streams and enjoy it fully. I think it’s all about that, back to back sets and having fun. We also have great news in November, it's all one big celebration. We will see !

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