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Valesuchi ► New release - Tragicomic

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Valesuchi is in the midst of a breakthrough year. Releasing TRAGICOMIC in late 2019 dealing with matters closer to home, what she calls "the private and the public tragedies." Simultaneously trying to navigate the response to these tragedies over the course of the album. Album comes to life via Mamba Rec, the label wing of São Paulo party Mamba Negra. So, just expect RAWNESS. Sonic attitude that hits the bones features a album cover picture of Valesuchi's mother, "Tragicomic" delivers an ensemble of opposite universes that resonate as an idea soundtrack for a true electronic experience.

In Portuguese, “saudade” is a profound emotional state often described as the love that remains after someone has gone. It’s this feeling that Chilean producer Valentina Montalvo Alé a.k.a. Valesuchi, taps into with her evocative productions. Her dark, smoky dancefloor detonators brim with love, desire, machines and danger, and they yearn for a time when club music was raw and indebted to the rhythm.

Valesuchi started making music before her even started her career as a DJ. She began presenting her own live compositions, then came the DJ Set and finally the DJ + live set. Wide and sensitive musical possibilities that make the Chilean artists conquer the dance floor and produce a private musical universe in constant transformation without limiting herself to styles or genres. Since 2014, when she was part of the Red Bull Music Academy held in Tokyo, Valesuchi maintained an intense activity in the independent electronic music scene, from Chilean clubs to the main festivals and parties in Brazil, South America and Europe, such as Selvagem (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo), Mamba Negra (São Paulo), Primavera Fauna Festival (Santiago), Sónar (Barcelona, São Paulo, Santiago) Dekmantel São Paulo, RBMA São Paulo Festival and Novas Frequências Festival (Rio de Janeiro).

Tracklist 01. Impermanence 02. Death 03. Humour 04. Egolessness 05. Suffering 06. Peace

Early 2019 Valesuhi posted a statement on Instagram about the Amsterdam festival's Dekmantel failure to book Latin American talent despite holding multiple South American events. Following Dekmantel's lineup announcement, which featured more than 100 acts.

The Chilean-born, Rio de Janeiro-based artist, who has played both of Dekmantel's Brazilian events in 2017 and 2018, points out that this year's Amsterdam edition features no Latin American or Brazilian artists, even though Brazil is the promoter's "so called second home." Valesuchi asks, "Was there any intention of any kind of true cultural exchange?"

Dekmantel has since issued a return statement on the producer's Instagram post. Among hundreds of other comments from the international dance music community, they posted an apology. "We are sorry for this," they wrote. "It is now clear to us that inviting Latin American artists at our European events is an essential part of the cultural exchange and we need to do better in strengthening and enriching these exchanges." (RESIDENT ADVISOR).

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