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Updated: Oct 2, 2018

I recently had a chat with visual artist and video make Ivna Lundgren. We met for the first time a few years ago in her hometown Fortaleza, Brazil. This is Ivna about lights, video mapping and being a VJ in 2018.

Hi Ivna! Please introduce yourself for those that don't know you yet.

I'm a VJ and I work with video projections since I graduated as a Audiovisual artist. I work in Fortaleza with photography and video mapping, I mix the content I produce.

Did you already do video mapping back then when all began? How did you get into this?

No, I learned it during my last semester at University. I got interested in creating a video installation project with video mapping, then I started to research everything that I could until I found what was necessary to create my final product, it turned out as my graduation project. The learning process has always been challenging and a real pleasure, I seek it to always be continuous.

I really appreciate the junction of the lights with the music. After creating in the studio, I also find fundamental the realization of a musical composition on stage. And lights are essential right at that point. How do you relate to music in general?

I listen to music all the time! I usually listen to a lot of genres like electronic, minimal, deep house, indie rock, shoegaze, latin music.

I see it on the same way you do. It is a creative process that must be connected, both lights and music have a strong potential for mutual speech so I find interest to feel the music through lights, either on the spotlight or led panels and projections.

Your recent projections in Piauí in the 5th Cinema Parade had a great exhibition of colors that super pleased me. I like the presence of green and vibrant pink dominance. Tell me about this colorful result. How was the preparation for this participation? Or was it all improvisation?

I love the contrast and vibrant colors on my projections. Resignifies any surface, imagine a neoclassic façade. The video mapping allows me to play with many embossed details on this kind of architecture and keep creating. I made a lot of changes on this projects because I only saw the result of the colors when we I was projecting. I added new combinations and kept adjusting until the point I liked the most.

You are a Ceará artist who has already produced and lived in Pernambuco, and other parts of Brazil and the world. How does what you carry from this experience inspire you in your art?

The fact that I have traveled around refers me to diversity, occasions, people, traditions. It's interesting to look at, reflect and bring them into my work in a metaphoric way. Getting around gives me freedom in my creation and expressivity as artistic impulses. That's inside anyone.

You have created several video installations, what was the favorite moment among them?

The Robot Baltbot that I made in April 2014 for a Hall. I was very happy with all interested children interacting with my projections not wanting to leave the room where the installation was.

Which kind of characteristics and tools do you consider most important for a Vj?

Have a good sense, enjoy the aesthetic and the experimentation and techniques.

Which of these words exposed on your website best represent your actual phase?

Multimedia Wall, which are projections in the form of patterns in constant motion. They are developed from woodcuts, I evaluate them for future developments for this work. I also have something to continue with Styrofoam plates that I find in the trash. I intend to continue constructing sculptures with this material that is difficult to reuse.

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